Roller-bed-type Pipe Plasma Cutting and Beveling Machine

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Roller-bed-type Pipe Plasma Cutting and Beveling Machine

1. On-line performance: Good (designed for flow process)
2. Beveling capacity: ≤3 Min/ pipeline
3. Cutting capacity: one beveling per time
4. Beveling: high quality
5. Price: Higher than flaming jet beveling and cutting machine with roller bed

Technical parameter
1. Pipe diameter: φ114-610
2. Pipe thickness: 1-18
3. Pipe materials: carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel and cryogenic steel.
4. Type of bevel: V
5. Cutting length: 6350mm
6. Cutting direction: radial direction
7. Rolling machine:
Structure: Double-roller with fixed distance
Rolling machine Length:7000mm
Driving system: servo motor with precision reducer
Rotation speed:0-2.5M/Min(step-less speed regulation of frequency conversion)
Rolling machine Material:45#,surface with flange
Rotation accuracy:<2.0mm
8. Trolley system:
Trolley trip:6350mm ,vertical move
Cutting torch trip:700mm(Ascending-descending), 300mm(Left-Right)
Cutting mode: Plasma
Cutting torch angle:±35°
Cutting torch quantity: one piece
Tracking system: high precision
Angle error:<2°
Length- determination system:<2.0MM
9.Control system of a definite length: included in control system
10.Logistics system: Logistic system with elevator , driven by motor or electric
11.Cutting power: OEM (or as per customers' demands)

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