Piping All-position Automatic Welding Machine (FCAW/GMAW)

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Piping All-position Automatic WeldingMachine (FCAW/GMAW)

1. In-line performance: Non-assembly line method online equipment
2. Applicable range: It is better used to weld thick wall prefabricated welds which have longer diameter.
3. Automatic level: Better (Input all of the welding information (parameter) before welding, and it also can control the machine when it is working)
4. Demand of beveling: After use STT semiautomatic welding to render, you can use this machine to weld.
5. Welding production capacity: Better (150-250 inch per day)
6. Operability: Excellent / Better (it will cost some time to learn welding)
7. Surface shaping: Better (welding always goes along with the rotation rail)
8. Welding qualification ratio: over 96% (basically no re-welding work occurs if the welding skills are mastered)
9. Driving reliability: Excellent (lathe is forced forward along the rail)
10. Relative price: much higher than that of the automatic pipeline prefabrication Welding Machine

Technical parameter
1.Applicable pipe diameter: DN300-1400
2.Applicable wall thickness: 6-80MM
3.Applicable materials: carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel and low temperature steel etc.
4.Applicable welding seams: Have a big space, that make it easy to install the railway of the pipe welding.
5. Nose Production capacity: 120W
6. Travel speed: 0-36m/h.
7. Swing range: 2.5-30mm
8. Swing speed: 0-42mm/S
9. Align: 70mm
10 Remaining time: 0-2s
11 Welding wave: Triangular wave, trapezoidal wave, rectangular wave, and straight line
12 Weight of nose: 12kg
13. Height of welding gun: 0-80mm
14. Angle of welding gun: 0-360°
15. Loading welding arc: 5kg

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