Piping Automatic Welding Workstation (Z-type)

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Piping Automatic Welding Workstation (Z-type)

1.Structure: 6 meters container with special technology, 2 pipeline prefabricated auto-welding machines, 2 trolleys which is corollary equipment of auto welding machine, 2 cantilever cranes, 2 CO2 arc welding machines.
2. Production capacity: 400-650 inch per day (DN200 SCH40) (The more output will be achieved with the use of cantilever crane and pipeline prefabricated auto-welding machine, while the output will fall with the use of pipeline prefabricated and traveling crane).
3. Mobility: Excellent (without limitation of radiation radius by using container as carrier)
4. Application: Used in the project with lots of common pipelines and a little of thick ones

Technical parameter
1. Pipe diameter: DN50-600(φ60-610)
2. Pipe thickness: 3-60MM
3.Pipe materials: carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel and cryogenic steel.
4. Welding: tube-tube, pipe-pipe, tube-elbow, tube-flange, flange-flange, flange- elbow
5. Auto-welding cover rate: ≥60%
6. Pipeline prefabricated Depth: 50%~80%
7. Design software: PDSOFT 3DPiping
8.Management software: PDSOFT PPMIS

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