Pipe Bevel Machining Flow Line (Q-type)

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Pipe Bevel Machining Flow Line (Q-type)

1. Basic configuration: One fixed-type highly-efficient pipe cutting and beveling machine, a set of logistics transportation system, a set of pipe cutting length-measuring system and a set of steel structure frame.
2. Production efficiency: 5Min / two bevels ( DN200 SCH40 Carbon Steel)
3. Equipment mobility: Low
4. Beveling quality: Good
5. Application range: Used in piping prefabrication production line

Technical parameter
1. Production capacity: 600-1200 Diameter-Inch/day
2. Pipe diameter: DN50-300(φ60-325)
3. Pipe thickness: 3-18MM
4. Pipe materials: Carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel and low temperature steel
5. Cutting length: according to the Pipe Cutting Length-Measuring System
6. Bevel type:V
7. Control system: PLC control with touch screen
8. Logistics system: Pipe logistics transportation system for cutting and beveling machine, driving by variable frequency motor
9. Length-measuring system: Mechanical type, functioning together with logistics system

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