Magnetic Pipe Flame Cutting and Beveling Machine

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Magnetic Pipe Flame Cutting and Beveling Machine

Model: MPFBM-24A
Performance Characteristics

1. On-line Performance: Good (designed for unflow process)
2. Beveling Capacity: ≤ 5 Min/ pipeline (DN200, common pipeline)
3. Cutting Capacity: one Beveling per time
4. Beveling: high quality
5. Application: used in horizontal cutting, vertical cutting, up cast cutting
6. Price: Low

Technical parameter:
1. Pipe diameter: ≥DN100 (φ114)
2. Pipe thickness: 5-50
3. Pipe materials: carbon steel, alloy steel and cryogenic steel.
4. Type Of Bevel:V
5. Cutting Direction: radial Direction
6. Cutting Speed: 50-750 mm/min
7. Magnetic Force: ≥50kg
8. Cutting precision: 0.5mm (Ф114-426mm)

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