Fixed-type Axial Pipe End Beveling Machine

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Fixed-type Axial Pipe End BevelingMachine

1. On-line performance: Good (designed for flow process)
2. Beveling capacity: ≤2 Min/ pipeline
3. Cutting capacity: one beveling per time (cutting on Saw first)
4. Beveling: high quality
6. Mobility: Low
7. Application: used in the cutting of thick pipelines (large scale) with V beveling
8. Price: between pipe cutting and beveling machine-fixed (radial direction) and pipe cutting and beveling machine-fixed

Technical Parameter
1. Pipe diameter: φ60-610, φ60-426
2. Pipe thickness: single pole and single pass welding: 12mm, others have no limitation
3. Pipe materials: carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel and cryogenic steel.
4. Type of bevel: U, V, double V
5. Cutting direction: axial direction
6. Clamping system: hydraulic cylinder silk pole
7. Control system: PLC CNC system
8.Control system of definite length: N
9. Auto adjusting core system: auto lifting device
10.Logistics system: driven by motor with frequency converter
11.Cutting displacement: 150 mm
12. Spindle speed: frequency conversion step-less speed
13.Cooling system: No
14. Hydraulic system: inner set

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