Thick-wall Pipe Automatic Welding Machine

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Thick-wall Pipe Automatic Welding Machine

1. Pipe diameter: DN150-600
2. Pipe thickness: 6-60mm
3. Pipe materials: carbon steel, alloy steel and stainless steel.
4. Application: weld various pipe fittings such as pipe-pipe, pipe-flange, flange-flange, flange-elbow, and flange- tee and so on.
5. Driving system: driven by two-row rubber-wrapped roller or driven by double worm-and-worm wheel reducer and frequency conversion motor.
6. Motor power: 5KW (two double-drive motors: 1.5KW each; lifter motor: 1.5KW;width-control motor: 370w; extensible motor: 25W; Variable Frequency speed.)
7. Height of the roller: 800mm
8. Control system: proprietary technologies owned by our company, PLC
9. Welding mode: single-wire submerged arc cosmetic welding (SAW).
10. Wire feeder motor: Power: 150W; Rated Voltage: DC110V; Highest Rotating Speed: 3000 r/min.
11. Voltage supply
a) Waveform: sine wave; rams: 380V±10%; Frequency:50Hz/60Hz.
b) Unbalance of three-phase voltage: ≦5%。
12. Welding power supply input:

Power supply input Three-phase AC380V
Minimum capacity of power supply Power grid 53KVA
Generator 70KVA
Input protections Fuse 60A
Breaker 100A
Cable Input side 10mm2
Output side 70mm2×1
Earth wire 10mm2

Note: The capacity of fuse and breaker in above form is for reference only.
13. User guide on equipment installation
a) Should be installed in indoor environment where is no direct sun light and can protect products against raining, high humidity and dust. (humidity range: -10℃~+40℃).
b) Ground gradient: less than 15°.
c) Welding booth should avoid violent wind.
d) Welding Machines should be installed 50cm away from the wall.
e) Corresponding switch board or closet is a necessary and three-phase 380V/50Hz AC should be linked to input cable junction box through air switch and then linked to the earth wire correctly.
f) Anode output cables should be used to link welding source and welding torch.
g) Cathode output cables should be used to link the cathode of welding source and work pieces need to be welded.
h) Controlling cables should be used to link automatic Welding Machine control box.

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