Piping Internal Pneumatic Pipe Line-Up Clamp

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Piping Internal Pneumatic Pipe Line-Up Clamp

Technical Parameters:

1. Applicable pipe diameter: φ406-457/φ508-559/φ610-660/φ711-813/φ813-914/φ914-1016/φ1067-1118/φ1168-1219/φ1219-1320/φ1320-1420
2. Press amount: 10*2/10*2/12*2/12*2/12*2/18*2/12*2/24*2/24*2/30*2/
3. Support force: 8.5T/150T/ 183T/ 270T/ 270T/ 450T/270T/ 650T/ 650T/650T/
4.Driving system: Driving by motor, single side single wheel(18A-36A)/ single side two wheels(40A-56A)
5.Braking system: Single side single brake(18A-36A)/ Three sides double brakes(40A-56A)
6.Overall dimension:φ360*1800/φ470*2200/φ550*2700/φ650*2900/φ750*2900/φ815
7.Total weight: 290Kg/430Kg/550Kg/700Kg/860Kg/1100Kg/1500Kg/1800Kg/2100Kg/2200Kg/

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