Pipe CNC Cutting Band Saw Machine

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Pipe CNC Cutting Band Saw Machine

1. On-line performance: good (designed as per the on-line equipment of the line production)
2. Cutting efficiency: ≤2Min /pipeline bevel (DN200 SCH80);
3. Opening quality: good
4. Application range: Used in projects with a majority of thick pipelines and few common ones

Technical Parameters
1. Structure: horizontal, with one main post+ one auxiliary post
2. Applicable pipe diameter: DN50-600(φ60-610)
3. Applicable materials: carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel and cryogenic steel
4. Feeding speed: step-less speed adjustment
5. Speed of the band saw: 17-85m/min, VF
6. Size of the band saw: 7400*54*1.6
7. Length-measuring system: a mechanical length-measuring system could be provided so as to automatically measure the length of the pipes as well as cut them with the supporting of the band saw conveying system.
8. Measuring length: 1m /once
9. Control system: PLC
10. Conveying system: cutting and beveling VF band saw conveying systems driven by motor are equipped if necessary.

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