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  • Pipe Bevel Machining Flow Line (Q-type)Pipe materials:
    Carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel and low temperature steel.
    Cutting length: according to the Pipe Cutting Length-Measuring System.
    Bevel type:V ...
  • Pipe Bevel Machining Flow Line (P-type)Basic configuration:
    One roller-bed-type pipe plasma cutting and Beveling Machine, a set of logistics transportation system, a set of pipe
    cutting length-measuring system ...
  • Pipe Bevel Machining Flow Line (T-type)Basic configuration: Two highly-efficient pipe cutting band saw machine, two fixed-type radial pipe end beveling machine or fixed-type axial pipe end beveling machine, two sets of logistics transportation ...
  • Pipe CNC Cutting Band Saw MachineOn-line performance: good (designed as per the on-line equipment of the line production).
    Cutting efficiency: ≤2Min /pipeline bevel (DN200 SCH80).
    Opening quality: good ...
  • Pipe CNC Profile Cutting MachineApplicable pipe diameter: DN200-800(Φ219-810).
    Applicable thickness: 6-60mm.
    Welding speed:0.4-3, 0.2-2, 0.1-1,
    0.07-0.5 r/min.
    Control axis number: 4 ...
  • Pipe Cutting Band Saw MachineSaw belt speed: 27, 52, 78 m/min/ step-less speed regulation of frequency conversion;18, 42, 68 m/min.
    Saw belt size: 6700X*41*1.3/6550
    4570X*34*1.1 ...
  • Fixed-type Radial Pipe End Beveling MachineCutting capacity: one Beveling per time(cutting on Saw first).
    Beveling: high quality.
    Mobility: Low.
    Application: used in the cutting of thick pipelines (large scale) ...
  • Fixed-type Axial Pipe End Beveling MachineOn-line performance: Good (designed for flow process).
    Beveling capacity: ≤2 Min/ pipeline.
    Cutting capacity: one beveling per time(cutting on Saw first).
    Beveling: high quality ...