Fixed-type Two-direction Pipe End Beveling Machine

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Fixed-type Two-direction Pipe End Beveling Machine

Technical Parameters:
1. Applicable pipe diameter:φ114-610
2. Applicable pipe wall thickness: 6-180MM
3. Applicable materials: carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel and cryogenic steel, etc.
4. Bevel shape: U, X, V and Double V
5.Cutting direction: radial automatic differential cutting feed or axial semi-automatic motor cutting feed
6.Retracting direction: radial semi-automatic motor retracting or axial semi-automatic motor retracting
7. Driven system: by motor
8. Clamping system: work piece is clamped by hydraulic cylinder
9. Bracket system: screw lifting and lowering manually
10. Rev of the principal axis: 9 grades (34-304RPM)
11. Lengthwise displacement: 150MM (principal axis), 300MM (machine head)
12. Widthwise displacement: ±100MM
13. Control system: gear shift for main shaft, VF speed change for axial direction movement and manual control
14. Automatic aligning: An end beveling machine conveying system equipped with lifting and lowering device could be provided if necessary to adjust automatically the center elevation of the pipe, so as to bevel the pipes with different diameters.
15. Conveying system: End beveling VF conveying systems driven by motor are equipped at front and rear sides of the beveling machine if necessary.

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